Can a Roller shutter be used as a Roller Door or for a Skylight

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Roller Shutter be used as a Garage roller door

No it was not designed for that purpose. This product is not suitable for any open breeze way, such as Garage door, Balconies and open Patio areas.

Our Light Commercial, Security Roller Shutter and our Cyclone Roller Shutters are a stronger alternative to the domestic. Some customer have used these shutters instead of a roller door, because of the big roller drum at the top of a roller door, which is not suitable when you have only limited space above the door opening, these may be stronger shutters but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend their shutter to be used for Garage door, Balconies and open Patio areas.
We can supply an extended guide with the security shutter which will add more strength, if you only have enough room to fit a roller shutter and no room to fit a roller door. The extended guide is 69mm x 23mm, and the standard guides are 53mm x 22mm, this will still fit the same box end end plate leg of the head box,  the channel section of the guide is increased from 25mm to 41mm. This feature increases the overlap of the curtain into the guide by an extra 16mm on each side, this will create more stability in the case of high winds or abnormal forces being applied.

Extended Guide Section

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Roller Shutters be used as a Skylight

If the window is in a vertical position in your roof you can use a roller shutter  to cover your skylight, if your skylight is at the same angle as the roof our shutters can not be used,  they need the weight of the curtain to help it move out of the head box  and for the curtain to move freely down the guides. If the curtain dose not move freely the curtain will unwind in the head box. This product is not suitable for covering Skylights unless they are vertical.