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Aluminium Security & Bushfire Shutters

Bushfire Rated To BAL 40
Tested In Compliance With AS 1530.8.1-2007​

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Security Bushfire Shutters – BAL-40 Rated

Our Security Bushfire Shutters display superior strength over other standard slat profiles, but greatly reduce bending and flexing to make this possible. They feature an Extruded Aluminium Slat (AE401) that has been developed as a premium product for security conscious buyers, or wherever superior strength is required. Rated at BAL-40 for use in high-risk areas, our shutters have incredible heat resistance and are able to withstand heat from Australian bushfires with ease. Buy online, or call us now and find the perfect shutters for your home.

How Do Bushfire Shutters Work?

Our security bushfire roller shutters are sturdy, made from high-grade aluminium designed to provide premium protection. With a stylish and modern to look, they complement your home design and increase property value, making them a great investment. This shutter can also be upgraded to use the Somfy manual override system, allowing them to be fully operational even in the event of a power outage. Our fire shutters are fantastic for residential or commercial use, protecting the inside of your home from embers, debris and heat by preventing entry through your windows.

What is the BAL Rating System?

BAL stands for Bushfire Attack Level and represents the appropriate level of protection needed relative to the possibility of a bushfire attack. It is determined by the type of vegetation surrounding a property, the slope of vegetation, Fire Danger Index and the distance of vegetation from the property.

Each BAL level represents potential danger, and each level has separate and increasing safety requirements. These levels are:

  • Low: Low risk from a potential fire
  • 12.5: At risk primarily from floating embers.
  • 19: Moderate risk from embers and burning debris.
  • 29: High Risk, particularly from embers, debris and heat.
  • 40: Very high risk. Takes into account potential to be impacted by embers, debris, heat and flames.
  • FZ: Extreme risk. Potential to be directly exposed to the flames of a fire front.

At BAL40 OZRoll security bushfire shutters can withstand all but a direct fire front, and are ideal for use in most location across Australia.

Tried and True Bushfire Protection

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In 2002 OZRoll approached CSIRO to determine the benefits of our window roller shutters when subjected to excessive heat throughout a simulated bushfire attack.

The end result was that the shutter was proven to withstand a maximum radiant heat flux of 29kw/m2 and had still remained operable.

This test was for the AR400 slat used in the manufacture of the Domestic Roller Shutter. 

There have also been factual accounts where the OZRoll shutters have been credited with saving homes from burning to the ground when other surrounding properties were not so fortunate.

After the most recent fires in Victoria there were changes made to local council regulations that required new dwellings to comply with specific ratings, in particular within high-risk areas. 

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With this in mind OZRoll again carried out further testing with the CSIRO however on this occasion it was decided to test for a higher rating using our AE401 extruded aluminium shutter which is used in the manufacture of the Security Roller Shutter.

Buy Bushfire Shutters Online

Security bushfire shutters can protect your home and keep your family safe. Order online and save money. Fit out your home with roller shutters today. Whether you’re renovating or building, we’ll deliver fantastic shutters that exceed expectations. Call today, or browse our range of other shutters online and have your shutters shipped directly to you across Australia, including to Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and more.

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