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SOMFY Remote Control

SOMFY is well known as a world leader in tubular motor technology and have an advanced product range. This information page explains how the “SOMFY RTS Motor” work with the “Hand Held Control Switch”.

SOMFY Hand Held Control Switches.

This system incorporates the well-known reliability of SOMFY motors with the revolution of wireless switching. An inherent problem with installing motorised shutters is the inconvenience and cost of running cables to the switch location. In the case of double brick construction and especially where there is little or no roof access the running of cables can be very expensive. This system only requires power to the motor in the head box.

The SOMFY Hand Held Control Switch is a radio transmitter operating on 433MHz similar to the SOMFY “Wireless Controls Switch”.
The hand held control switch is available in two forms, the single channel and the four channel. Both the hand held control switches will require a “SOMFY RTS Motor” from the Somfy range.


The single channel control switch has the same functions as the “Wireless control switch”. However this is a hand held switch which could has very obvious advantages.

The four-channel control switch is equivalent to four individual switches. The round button at the bottom toggles through the four individual channels while a series of lights above indicate which channel is selected. Each individual channel acts as a separate switch and can be programmed to operate any shutter fitted with the “SOMFY RTS Motor”.


Both single and four-channel hand held control switches are supplied with a wall mount bracket.

The four-channel controller has many other advantages. There is the obvious advantage in cost as the one switch can do the job of four. Each of the four channels can have a limitless amount of shutters connected to that channel, which will operate simultaneously.

Two shutters in one room and two shutters in another can all be controlled by the four-channel switch.


Programmed all your shutters individually, connect only the first shutter to the mains power supply, then set the up and down limit, (this is shown on the How to Program link below). Then disconnect this shutter from the main power supply. Repeat this process until all the shutters that will operate on that channel are programmed. These shutters can then be reconnected to the main power supply, this group of shutters will now operate simultaneously when this channel is selected.
Setting the next channel, press the round button below the four lights to toggle through to the next channel. Repeat the above process until all shutters are programmed to the desired channel. On the fifth press of the button all four channels will be activated, allowing you to master control all programmed shutters at the one time.


The Hand Held Switches are powered by a battery, which has approximately three (3) years operating life.

How to program the single and four channel Hand Held Remote


How to program the single and four channel Hand Held Remote

After you have programmed all your shutters individually (with the help from the link above) you are now ready to program all 4 channels to operated at the same time.
Step 1
Select channel 1 then press the program button on the back of the hand held remote for 5 seconds, the motor will move, then press the channel button on the front of the hand held remote until all four lights are illuminated, then press the programming button on the rear of the hand held remote for half a second, the motor will move, you have now programmed the first channel to channel 5. Repeat this process with the remaining channels, after this process all shutters will open and close at the same time when channel 5 is selected.

Security is provided via the SRC (SOMFY Rolling Codes)

Every time a signal is sent from the control switch to the motor, the codes are randomly changed. There are over 16 million different code combinations, ensuring a very high level of Security.


Transmission range is 20 meters through two concrete walls or up to 300 meters with no obstacles.

Programming “My Favourites”

My button
This button allows the user to pre-program a “favourite shutter position”. Once the user presses the “my” button the desired position can be accessed anytime, no matter the position of the shutter.

How to program favourite shutter position

Optional Modern Roller Shutters Remote Control upgrade pricing:

  • The Somfy electric motor can be upgraded to the RTS Somfy motor with inbuilt wireless receiver for between $150.00 to $215.00 Call or email for a Quote
  • SOMFY Hand Held one Channel $110.00
  • SOMFY Hand Held Four Channel $135.00

All Prices include GST.
To order any upgrade send an email immediately after you place your order
we will then send you a PayPal request for payment for the upgrade. email


Somfy RTS motors are not compatible with Somfy Inis Uno wall switches