Comparison of Shutter Types

Comparison Of Shutter Types.

Here at Australian Online Rollershutters, we highly recommend the Domestic Shutter as the go-to for almost all of our customers. However, should you require a more specialized product, the following information provides a detailed comparison between the shutter types that we offer.

 The Domestic Roller Shutter

The Domestic Slat we use features a double-walled, curved profile that is injected with polyurethane foam during the forming process. This gives the best overall combination of strength and insulation, while still being extremely economical. However, there are some situations which will require a specialty shutter, such as high-risk Bush-fire and Cyclone areas, for which there are specialty shutters designed for said application, or extremely large shutters, upon which one should consider the Commercial solution.
Domestic Roller Shutters | shutter pricing

Technical Specifications.

Curtain Weight4.5kg per m2 (AR400 Series).
Size Range Width400mm to 3600mm.
Size Range Height500mm to 3000mm.
Maximum Size8.0m2

 The Security/Bushfire Roller Shutter

The Security Roller Shutter has the highest impact rating, and the highest bush fire rating, making it extremely effective at providing physical security for your windows and home. This is achieved by using hollowed extruded aluminium slat which are almost twice as heavy as the Domestic Roller Shutter. There is no polyurethane foam injected into the slat during manufacturing, meaning that it doesn’t quite offer the same thermal insulating properties as the other shutters in our range.

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Technical Specifications.

Curtain Weight8.0kg per m2 (AE401 Series).
Size Range Width600mm to 4400mm.
Size Range Height500mm to 3200mm.
Maximum Size8.7m2

Please see the Security Rated BAL 40 page for more detailed information regarding the Bushfire rating process and results.

 The Cyclone Roller Shutter

The Cyclone Roller Shutter is made using high-density polyurethane foam, providing increased rigidity and better thermal insulation properties. It also utilises a locking mechanism on the guides, securing the slats more firmly to the guides, which is extremely effective at resisting strong winds. This does add some complexity to the installation in comparison with the Domestic Roller Shutter, which is explained in the installation guide.
Cyclone Roller Shutters | Shutter Pricing

Technical Specifications.

Curtain Weight6.0kg per m2 (AR400 HDF Series).
Size Range Width600mm to 4200mm.
Size Range Height500mm to 3200mm.
Maximum Size9.0m2

Please see the Cyclone Shutter page for more information on the Cyclone protection certifications and installation notes.

 The Commercial Roller Shutter

The Commercial Roller Shutter has the largest components, with a head box size of 150mm to 250mm, guides that are 76mm each, and a slat size of 55mm in height, with slat width of 11.6mm thickness. Even though these components are larger than the other shutter types, the slats that make up the curtain are light weight, which makes it the lightest shutter in our range. The commercial roller shutter can span up to 4200mm for large windows in a single span. The shape of the commercial roller shutter slat profile has been designed specifically to suit the Commercial roller shutter market, along with many Domestic applications.
Commercial Roller Shutters

Technical Specifications.

Curtain Weight3.4kg per m2 (AR551 Series).
Size Range Width700mm to 4200mm.
Size Range Height500mm to 3100mm.
Maximum Size10.8m2

Materials Used

90% Aluminium, with some Plastics for the slat end inserts, at each alternate end of the slats, Rubber rings on the Aluminium axle to protect the curtain as it winds around the axle, and Spring Steel Straps that connect the curtain to the axle. “Green Friendly” polyurethane slat-insulating foam, that is both CFC (Chloroflurocarbon) and HCFC (Hydrochloroflurocarbon) free, is used in all slats that are insulated. All other parts are Aluminium, except for the motor drive system.