Aluminium Head Boxes

Aluminium Head Boxes


The information below describes the head box, endplates, and end plate legs that is used for all our roller shutter, Domestic, Cyclone, Security, and Light Commercial.

The SQ series Head box material is a two-part aluminium roll formed section designed to completely enclose the working parts of the shutter. The shutter curtain (slat) is concealed in the head box when in the UP position and for this reason we have four sizes of head box. The box has two roll formed sections (Top Plate and Bottom Plate), that are fitted together with a pair of cast aluminium End Plates.

The aluminium used to roll form the top and bottom plate of the head box has a thickness: 0.9mm

Please note: The L10 battery motor is to large to fit in the 150mm head box, and is only suitable for the 165mm 180mm and the 205mm head box, we can supply the T6 tubular battery motor that will fit the 150mm head box, just email us about the change of motors, after you have placed your order, their will be no charge for this upgrade.

Mechanical Properties

The SQ series boxing material has excellent corrosion resistance due to the high-grade aluminium alloy used and the exceptional coating qualities. The shape of the box is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining a highly functional purpose.
Due to the strength of the shape and the lightness of the aluminium, the box will not bend over its own weight. Unlike steel boxing, the cut edges are protected by the corrosion resistant properties of the aluminium. The cast aluminium end plates are fitted using aluminium rivets, therefore offering the best resistance to galvanic corrosion or electrolysis, caused by using dissimilar metals.

End Plates the SQ series

The cast aluminium SQ End Plates designed and manufactured exclusively by OZRoll support the top and bottom plates of the head box covers, the new style of head box end plates have the identical range and shape (150 to 230 the 250 is only supplied with the fixed leg) to the current BC45 series plates, however they also have the following overall advantages.

  • Hole centres for the Somfy motors as well as for the ODS mechanism.
  • Access hole in the front mid section that allows easy access when adjusting the limits for tubular motors.
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New Standard Box End Plate Leg

The end plate legs connects the head box to the guides, they are fitted to the cast aluminium end plates of the head box , and then slide firmly down into the guides, this then will support the head box. This was designed as a two part system to prevent damage when being delivered.

The new leg is basically identical to the previous part, however it is moulded by a higher quality process and has one significant benefit being a hole moulded into the leg on one side. The hole was requested by numerous customers and installers to benefit them when routing the cable during installation of the battery roller shutters only. This hole provides a passage for the cable into the guide fixing cavity which allows for easy access and avoids having to rout the cable through a wall cavity. Having the hole in the leg offers another significant advantage, it acts as a pilot hole that allows the installer to position the drill bit correctly and holds it in place while drilling through the end plate.

Head Box sizes chart

Domestic Roller Shutter Height Includes Head box Head box Sizes
Up to 1300mm 150mm
Up to 1700mm 165mm
Up to 2135mm 180mm
Up to 3000mm 205mm
Cyclone Roller Shutter Height Includes Head box Head box Sizes
Up to 1300mm 150mm
Up to 1700mm 165mm
Up to 2135mm 180mm
Up to 3000mm 205mm
Up to 3800mm 250mm
Security Roller Shutter Height Includes Head box Head box Sizes
Up to 1150mm 150mm
Up to 1600mm 165mm
Up to 2000mm 180mm
Up to 2800mm 205mm
Up to 3000mm 250mm
Light Commercial Roller Shutter Height Includes Head box Head box Sizes
Up to 3100mm 250mm